The vision for a Christian school in Palmerston began in the early 1980s. That vision was realised on 8 February 1988, as 36 students and two teachers attended the new Palmerston Christian College.

The grounds were wet and muddy on that very first day, as it was in the middle of the wet season, and the buildings were few, but the years that followed were exciting. The school community worked hard to provide beautiful, grassed areas and gardens, and with the natural bush surroundings, the students were eager to attend school.

Many activities commenced that first year – sports days, camps, carnivals and pie days to name a few. As the years progressed, more activities were added, including fetes and character days. The concerts have been legendary and fundraising has been fun. Palmerston Christian College has always been a community in action.

In 1997, we commenced middle school (Years 7-9) to meet the increasing needs of the community. In 2013, the Palmerston Christian College Campus expanded to incorporate Year 10 as part of the Northern Territory Christian College. 

Palmerston Christian College has now grown to over 400 students and has more than 50 dedicated Christian staff. We also have many modern facilities and a first-class educational program. Palmerston Christian College is still an exciting place to be!

As that first vision in 1988 has advanced and exceeded expectations, so the school community will continue to move forward and continue to provide quality Christian education in Palmerston.